Andemos (“walking together”) is the international volunteer program for Peace and Hope International that aims to stimulate exchange and mutual learning between people from different countries, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, as we serve, learn, and seek justice among marginalized communities in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Brasil.

Andemos was founded in 2009 as an initiative of people of faith from countries in the southern and northern hemispheres who desire justice for the marginalized. As such, Andemos volunteers “walk together” with committed program staff and vulnerable populations through building relationships that produce mutual change

Our Mission:

To mobilize people from countries around the world who desire to serve and build relationships with the most vulnerable in Latin America, as they are mutually transformed by the God of justice and compassion.

Our Vision

  • To stimulate mutual learning between people from different countries, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds as we learn, serve and seek justice among marginalized communities in Latin America.
  • To enable young justice-seekers to learn from and practice alongside the local teams of Paz y Esperanza in the field of human and environmental rights.
  • To strengthen a generation of servant-leaders, have a clear vision of holistic mission, and are committed to transforming the society in which they live.


Andemos Teams is a short term, high energy, deeply impacting program that welcomes groups of people interested in volunteering for up to six weeks. This is a time for adults of all ages to give their time and energy for a good cause.


Andemos Internship is an intensive, 3-12 month volunteer program for young people who love justice and are ready to learn from a Paz y Esperanza office in their specific field of interest and experience.

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