Creating opportunities

The heat is intense in the Ahuayro Community in the Apurimac region. The temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius. A distinct aroma is present in the courtyard of the local school. As we move closer the smell intensifies and curiosity leads us into a corner of the kitchen of the…...

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Sabina’s Story: Success is the Sum of Small Achievements

Sabina is a dreamy, friendly, feisty mother and is also one of the participants of the project “Women Entrepreneurs”. Her willpower, her perseverance and desire to learn are the indicator that her quality of life is improving. At 28 years old, she has a much older physical appearance. Her rough…...

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Peruvian Campaign

Regional meeting of Fathers and Mothers of the Educational Institutions (Padres y Madres de Familia de las Instituciones Educativas) of the Kishwa, Shawi and Mestiza communities to promote the prevention of the Minor Treatment in the Andean-Amazon Peruvian Region of San Martin....

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Ecuador Campaign

We’ve just finished another campaign with our passionate students who are working for justice! The participation of each and every person was so encouraging to us, and we’re proud of everyone that came to say NO to violence....

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Agueda’s Story: Fruitful Dreaming

Fruitful Dreaming – I have an immense dream: I would like to have my own house and my own well implemented business of desserts crafted from the fruit in this region in accordance with what I learned in the workshops of Paz y Esperanza (PyE), says Agueda Pillaca Palomino (25)…...

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