Peace and Hope International improves society by working within local legal, educational and cultural spheres to defend the hidden victims of injustice and transform systems to better prevent such injustices from happening in the future. Through actively supporting Peace and Hope organizations in Latin America, we continue working alongside people in poverty, so that those people can be free from all forms of violence and injustice.

PHI fulfills its mandate to support the family of PH organizations through:

Public Relations

Provision of financial support

Education and training


Capacity Building and Consultation

North-South, South-North and South-South exchanges to foster mutual learning and understanding.

Financial and Operational Principles

Peace and Hope subscribes to the following principles in carrying out all of their programs:

  • Respect for life in its fullness
  • Non discrimination
  • Respect for cultural diversity
  • Rejection of all forms of violence
  • Condemnation of terrorist actions from governmental and non-governmental actors
  • Independence from political parties and governmental institutions
  • Commitment to a democratic society as the basis for human coexistence
  • Good stewardship and respect for creation

Peace and Hope is committed to the application of the following principles in its financial practices:

  • Minimize overhead costs to ensure that most of the funds raised benefit the people we serve.
  • Use funds consistently with the purpose for which they are given.
  • Comply with each country‚Äôs legal and accounting standards for nonprofit organizations.
  • Be open to reviews and audits of programs and projects undertaken by other members of the family of PH organizations.
  • Funds received from local and national governments and multilateral agencies will not compromise our vision, values, and principles.

Our Values

  • Love: Love drives us to seek continuously the holistic well-being of others.
  • Personal Integrity: We strive to be consistent in what we are, what we say and what we do.
  • Justice, Humility and Mercy: We have a passion for justice and we are committed to treating our neighbors with respect, humility and mercy.
  • Professionalism: We provide quality services in an efficient and responsible manner.
  • Collaboration: We share and live out our vision and institutional principles in fellowship, trust and transparency.
  • Peace: We believe that God calls us to be agents of reconciliation and that fullness of life is the fruit of justice and truth.