Mobilizing Local Resources

Last week, the Peace and Hope Office of International Programs held a very successful workshop on  the “Mobilizing Local Resources” with the purpose of strengthening the capacity of local civil society organizations.  60 leaders from South America participated, including leaders from our own movement.

In the photo, top row: Rolando Perez (Director, Peace and Hope Institute),Ruth Alvarado (Administrator, Peace and Hope International Programs),  José Vinces (National Director, Peace and Hope Ecuador), Juan Castillo (Peace and Hope Bolivia), Alfonso Wieland (Director, Peace and Hope International Programs). Middle rows: Eysler Nieto (Director, Peace and Hope Huanuco), Noemi Gomez (Director, Peace and Hope Ayacucho); lower row: Jorge Arboccó (Director, Peace and Hope San Martin); and Roger Alfonso Mendoza (National Director, Peace and Hope Peru),