Passionate to the Core

The International Fellowship of Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is a community of national leaders from each of the Peace and Hope offices in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Brasil, El Salvador, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. It exists for mutual support, sharing of experiences and best practices, and coordination of international projects and efforts Peace and Hope.

The fellowship met in Lima, Peru, in October to report on their progress, strategize future projects, and launch “The Americas Campaign for Just Peace,” an international campaign against violence created in collaboration with The Americas Initiative for Transformation and Reconciliation (AITR). As a founding member of AITR, we are leveraging our work and reputation in the region and our global relationships to carry out an international campaign to build a culture of peace.

In a context of incompetent governments, the growth of political and religious extremism, corruption, violence against women and children and the unpunished destruction of the environment, Peace and HopeĀ  reaffirmed being rooted in Christian inspiration, promotion of human rights and peacebuilding, with a strong programmatic presence at local, national and regional levels, while motivating churches to mobilize for justice and peace. A three-year plan was collectively constructed to strengthen the movement and increase collaboration among its members.

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