Change for our Youth

Peace and Hope Ecuador is hosting a panel on the rights of children this week.  What makes this panel discussion so special is that it is not only for kids, it is also by kids!  With four students as panelists and two as moderators, the audience in Guayaquil can hear firsthand about children’s rights in this event aptly titled, “Kids and Teens – We Also Have Something to Say”.

Speaking from their experiences, the panelists will share about their rights to receive a quality education, to advocate for themselves, to be protected from violence, and to grow without chronic malnutrition.  Unfortunately, some of these rights are not currently being protected or promoted by the government.  For example, the panelist speaking on his right to a quality education is not even receiving classes via zoom.  When asked about the present state of his schooling, he simply said, “I’m texted homework.” 

Does your heart break hearing that?  So does ours!  Please pray with us that the panel event this upcoming Friday (3 PM EST on February 4, 2022) will be powerful.  Pray with us that the students who are presenting will feel empowered to raise their voices, not just at the event but in their own lives.  Pray with us that the children, parents, and community leaders watching will be motivated to seek change for the better of each youth of Guayaquil.

If you speak Spanish, please visit Peace and Hope Ecuador’s Facebook page to see either the live stream or the recorded video –

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