Confronting Gender Violence in Bolivia

Gender Violence is a major concern for the family unit in Bolivia. Physical and psychological violence against women and girls is deep within the cultural make-up of Bolivia. Peace and Hope Bolivia (Paz Bolivia) has been continually participating in discussions and workshops that educate communities on ways to bring an end to gender violence.

This past week, Paz Bolivia, in collaboration with two other local non-profit organizations, orchestrated a workshop with an indigenous Guarani community in Pueblo Nuevo. Various leaders facilitated conversation and reflection around a Biblical view of the family. The group read through several different scriptures related to the Christ-like love that God desires for all relationships. Within the small groups, community leaders talked further on the importance of being an example to their children. One ongoing issue in Pueblo Nuevo (a community on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, Bolivia) is the high consumption of alcohol by the youth, which perpetuates violence. The best way to stop gender violence and to achieve a more just society with less violence is to model non-violent relationships to the next generation.

Paz Bolivia not only provides legal and psychological support to victims of abuse on a daily basis, but it also pursues opportunities to bring awareness and to prevent gender violence throughout Bolivia.

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